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Climate64 propels the growth of the clean economy workforce by enabling experienced climate professionals and organizations to effortlessly repurpose their practical expertise.

Climate64 - Hydroponics course

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Submit a brief climate-based course overview to apply as a Climate64 course creator and begin building your course in no time.


Create and Automate

Quickly develop engaging self-paced lessons, videos/webinars, and assignments. Enhance course engagement and interaction with intuitive AI-powered tools.


Inspire and Profit

Grow your audience and increase course sales by sharing your climate expertise with thousands of students. We'll handle payments and hosting for all your courses.

Leverage your know-how to upskill the clean economy while earning revenue.

Earn money by sharing your climate expertise with a new audience through repurposed content and skills in building automation, EV charging, heat pumps, solar, green finance, micromobility, energy storage, and more.

Flexible, Convenient Training

Cultivate the talent pipeline for clean energy careers by equipping busy professionals, students, and individuals with the necessary skills.

Cutting-edge course content

Gain access to expert instructors, industry-relevant content, and ongoing course updates that reflect the latest advancements in climate science, renewable energy, sustainable practices, policy, and emerging technologies.

Skyrocket your growth with our learning platform.

Expand your climate knowledge through our diverse course offerings, delivered by certified instructors and seasoned professionals. Explore climate-related topics, flexible learning options, and earn valuable certifications.

Boost Your Climate Career

Advance your clean economy career with confidence. Climate64 provides career path support, networking opportunities, and the chance to learn from accomplished professionals, executives, and seasoned technicians.

Gain Valuable Climate Credentials

Elevate your climate skills and credentials by acquiring digital certificates after course completion. Benefit from Climate64's partnerships with renowned climate experts and organizations, and specialized industry courses.

Climate64 - EV Fuel Cell Maintenance course.

Batteries charged and ready to go.

Streamlined Tooling

Intuitive and easy-to-use tools for creating and managing climate courses, certifications, multimedia content, interactive quizzes and assignments.

No-Code Automation

AI-copilot helps with course creation, course management, optimize student engagement, track student progress, and communicate with students via a centralized dashboard.

Flexible Monetization

Climate64 course creators can monitor course sales, affiliate links, and student enrollment metrics to maximize their earning potential.

Robust Analytics

Get detailed metrics and reporting on course performance, student engagement, and day-to-day sales revenue to help make data-driven decisions.

Community and Collaboration

Course creators can foster a sense of community and collaboration directly with students through Slack channels, live sessions, and peer feedback.

Friendly Support

Receive all-encompassing support for the creation, management, and marketing of your climate course, along with helpful articles/resources to guide you on your journey.

Inspire a clean-powered workforce.

Start publishing, managing, and monetizing your proficiency in climate know-how today.

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